Monday, October 25, 2010

Bilibo Toy

I ran across this toy months ago when looking for birthday presents for Charlie and Jack. I have to admit, it did catch my attention, but after reading to find out what it was I lost interest. My question is do kids really like this or will they too lose interest quickly just as I did reading about it. There is rumored to be a lot of hype about the Bilibo and the mini Bilibo on the Internet, but I am not sure that I am buying into it. The toy is touted as “magically attractive & deceptively simple” . The manufacturer also states that its unique form “arouses curiosity, stimulates the senses, engages the imagination and encourages creativity.” Suggested uses for the Bilibo range from rocking, spinning, or sitting to using it as a tunnel for toy cars and trains, wearing it as a helmet, playing with it in the sand or water, or as a cradle for dolls. Sold??? At $29.99, I think I will pass.

Product Image

Product Image

Bilibo Toy, Toys R Us

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