Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charlie’s Superhero Party

If you know Charlie, you know that he eats, lives, and breathes superheroes. Currently Batman is his favorite, but he could change into Spiderman, Iron Man, or Superman in an instant. A few weeks ago he insisted that Rex refer to him only as “Voltron, the lion”. This stage has been going on for about a year, and I am wondering how much longer he will stay in it. I have to admit, I am enjoying it. Put a cape on a little boy and their imagination runs wild.

Having said all of this, it was only fitting that he have a Superhero party. Being a high school counselor, I always have to administer the TAKS test the week of Charlie’s party so I prayed that I would have everything together and that the weather would be nice. I got everything together and although it didn’t rain, I don’t think 100 degree Texas weather is “nice”.


The minute Charlie spotted this cake at HEB, I knew it was over. No professional cake decorator services for us.


I ordered a banner, cupcake toppers, and stickers all from Ciao Bambino.


The capes were ordered from Sew Plain Jane. They were beyond wonderful to work with. I thought that I could make the capes myself, and less than a week before still had not even bought the material. Sew Plain Jane came to the rescue with capes and coordinating eye masks that arrived on my doorstep 3 days later!


Kids ( or moms) got to decorate their own capes and eye masks.


The labels on the lunch boxes were colored with watercolors. I bought sheets with four labels to a page, so I colored one page and then in the interest of saving time, ran them off on a colored printer. The copies actually did better than the originals! 


Charlie and Toxey Claire. I can’t wait for this picture to resurface when they are older.


and with Taylor.


  1. this is adorable! such a cute idea, the capes, etc! Jack is really starting to get into super man, so I have a feeling my super hero planning days are going to start next year! :)

  2. Get ready!! I never thought I would know who Green Lantern and Sandman are. Not only do I now recognize them, I can tell you all about their superpowers!