Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mad Men Party

My dad turned 62 on October 9th and we wished him Happy Birthday in style. It was a night to remember as the clock turned back to 1962 with a Mad Men themed cocktail party. My parents love the show and thought it would be a wonderful way to celebrate. My mom and her friend Marianna cooked all of the food and our friend Geraldine (who is really more like family) served Old Fashioneds, Vodka Gimlets, Manhattans, and Scotch on the Rocks.

Unfortunately, my camera was on the blink that night and I did not get a picture of the fabulous buffet table (Marianna sent one so you can see part of it). On the menu were deviled eggs, ham and rolls, a porcupine cheese ball, meatballs, crab dip, and breaded olives all served on silver serving trays. The piece de resistance was the pineapple centerpiece flanked by two silver candlesticks.

Mad Men - Mod yet Retro Custom Party Invitation. Option to Print.

Invitation,  Paisley Prints Etc..


A picture of the table when you first walked in. The picture is of my dad when he was Mr. WHS.



Marianna with her own vintage suit


The Porcupine


Homemade after dinner mints


The centerpiece


My mom found this oil painting of their good friend Joe from when he was a senior. Notice the old ads posted. They were framed in different areas of the house. I think my favorite was the old Lucky Strike ad that read “To keep a slender figure, Reach for a Lucky”. Can you imagine reading that today???




My dad and mom


Ginger, Mom, Sandy, and Betsy


Joe, Mom, Rex, and Debbi. I think Rex could have stepped right off of the show.


Betsy, Ada, Me, and Mom


Rex and me


Marj, Mom, and Donna


Joe and Bob

Of course you can’t come to a party with us without playing a game! Everyone was given a sheet of paper with ad slogans from 1950 – 1970. Guests had to come up with the product that matched the slogan. Debbi and Sandy won. He got a vintage skinny tie as a prize and she got the pineapple!


  1. This is great! I LOVE that show. My husband and I are so sad it's over for this season. Great outfits...love your pink dress!

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  3. Grat idea! The party looks awesome!