Friday, December 17, 2010

Catch Santa In Your Home

Want to surprise your kids by capturing a picture of Santa in your home? Capture the Magic allows you to do so by uploading a photo of your home to their website and  dragging a picture of Santa into your picture.

Catch Santa

Here is a picture of Santa in our den ready to unload all of the toys.

There are hundreds of different Santa images to choose from and you can adjust the size and contrast once he is in the photo. I did this whole thing in about two minutes.

To create your own picture, just click here and follow these three easy steps:

For $9.95, you get three photos credits that do not expire. It might be fun to add this to your family traditions. Leave the camera out before going to bed on Christmas Eve and tell your kids that you have set a motion detector on it. Then you can all be amazed when the picture is opened Christmas morning!

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