Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift Card Snow Globe

Even though I wrote a post last week about teacher gifts, up until today I did not have mine purchased. Unfortunately, I was hit this week with a terrible bug that kept me in bed for most of the week. I didn’t even turn my computer on for two days and haven’t checked Facebook even longer than that!!

Since my house is a wreck, my body is still recovering, and I temporarily misplaced my wallet (it was found tonight at HEB!), I resorted to the standard gift card. And, contrary to my earlier post, I did not have a clever gift to go along with it.

Fortunately, the ever so crafty girls at One Charming Party posted this quick and clever snow globe idea. I would post pictures of mine, but I can guarantee theirs look much better and I am still waiting for the glue to dry.

For the full tutorial, click here.

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