Monday, November 22, 2010

Breastfeeding Bandit

Remember those two babies that I mentioned in my very first post??? They have both made their way into this world and are two of the most precious baby boys. Both Erin and Haley are first time moms who are trying to figure out how to get some sleep,  breastfeed, and balance life while having a newborn.

While Chloe was in the hospital at Texas Children’s, I had to pump even though she only received IV nutrition the first few months of her life. Even when she did get to feed, it wasn’t much. I spend countless hours hooked up to the breast pump in the milk bank and can still vividly remember the whooshing sound of the machine. Another vivid memory is this poster that was hanging in the hallway of the milk bank:


I have to admit, I died laughing every time I saw it. I guess this picture gets its point across…with this bra you can not only read while pumping, but talk on the phone as well!!! I always thought the bra looked like a burglar's mask with the two holes cut out for the shields to fit in.

After laughing at this and pointing it out to all of my friends who came to visit Chloe,  I finally broke down and purchased one. At the time, I have to say it was the best $20 spent in my entire life. I was a new woman! I could put my makeup on, eat breakfast, or send an email all while pumping. I have to admit I even hooked myself up once while driving to TCH!

I shared this tip with my two friends but instead of purchasing The Easy Expression (I just found out what it is called), I suggested taking an ordinary sports bra and cutting two holes in it. I am sure it would do the same trick. If nothing else, they may get a good laugh out of it!


  1. Emery wouldn't latch on, so I pumped exclusively for 9 months. I was attached to those crazy pump things all the stinking time and I had no idea this existed until Brooks was born. I would so have loved this.. and been far more productive at work. I too pumped and drove...would have been much safer had I had this crazy thing on!! Great advice!!

  2. It really is a life saver!! If nothing else, I thought someone would get a kick out of it!!

  3. Love the poster Kate! I have only pumped 1x but after your sports bra advice I will be making the purchase bc I definitely need to be able to read, write and chat on the phone all at the same time.